Government Engineering College, Munger

(Department of Science,Technology and Technical Education, Government of Bihar)


Government Engineering College Munger came into the existence on 25th September 2019 when the Honorable Chief Minister of Bihar.

Campus is one of the most crucial factors to consider while choosing an institution. With this in mind, the Government Engineering College, Munger campus has been developed to support students’ holistic development. According to the institution mindset, pupils’ full potential cannot be reached via academics alone. It’s important to provide the pupils the chance to develop their extracurricular skills and explore their interests. Our academic programmes are thus supported by suitable co-curricular and extracurricular activities that support culture, sports, self-governance, ethics, and values; all of which aid in the students’ development as whole people. The institution curriculum promotes participation in brain-strengthening activities, talent shows, debates, volunteer work & community services, women empowerment seminars, fitness sessions, and much more in addition to a concentration on lectures, internships, and field excursions. The blending of academic and extracurricular activities makes the campus lively and exciting, allowing students the ability to create priceless experiences.

Attending local events that encourage interaction, celebrate and experience the diversity of cultures, and inspire creativity and innovation can help people feel more connected to a place. Thus, here we have presented to you a compilation of Clubs, Fests, Events, Festivals and sports etc. This occasion is brimming with happiness and unity, which will let you appreciate beauty all over again. Whatever the occasion, it will undoubtedly help you and others around you capture more of those great moments.

Computer Center

A well-equipped central computer center is available at Government Engineering College Munger, to serve the requirements of the institution’s teachers and students. It is housed, in a spectacular state-of-the-art structure containing specialized laboratories to provide a choice of platforms and computing environment for undergraduate students.

Computer Center now contains 60 computers connected to a Network spread across one floor, giving all of the college’s software-related labs access to the internet and programming resources, mostly in the CE, ME, EE, CSE(DS), and CSE(AI) Departments.


The Government Engineering College, Munger library is well-maintained and has hundreds of volumes on many technical fields. The library and labs are where a technical college gets its soul, as has been observed with some justification. GEC MUNGER is lucky to have a rather comprehensive, manageable, and well-organized library in this competition. The library is open at the same hours as the college. There are several periodicals and newspaper with the curriculum books in the reading room.

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The Institute is academically governed by Aryabhatta Knowlege University, Patna which is the degree awarding authority for the institute as B.Tech. and M.Tech.and is recognized by the A.I.C.T.E., New Delhi, and the Government of Bihar State.


Government Engineering College, Munger provides state of the art hostel facility for its students. There are total two newly built hostel. One for boys and another for girls with 300 and 200 intake capacity. All the hostels are well maintained and are equipped with all the modern facilities like first aid , color television, common rooms, ward servants, in-house games room .There are single seated rooms which are normally allocated to final year and pre-final year boarders. Multi-seated accommodation constitute 2-seated & 3-Seated rooms which are allotted to the students of 1st & 2nd year.

The administration of hostels is under the supervision of following professors:
Chief Warden:

Dr. Rajendra Pandit

Boys Hostel:

Dr. Govind Jha (P/I)

Prince Raj (P/I)

Rajnish Kumar(P/I)

Girls Hostel:

Abhya (P/I)

Aradhana Kumari (P/I)


Sports plays a immense role in development of students and sparking their full potential. With ample space and state level developed sports facilities for games like Badminton, Volleyball, and other outdoor as well as indoor games. 6 badminton court and 2 volleyball court is developed with immense zeal and enthusiasm so that our students can perform excellence at state level and national level games.


A state of art medical OPD service is developed in our Government Engineering college, Munger. A specialized sick room facilities has been developed in our academic buildings. Government doctors both male and female, visit our campus regularly and provide free checkups and medicine. Even in case of emergency ambulance service is provided on just a single call so that students can get medical facilities immediately.


Spread over approx. 5.5 acres, the Institute is located in the eastern part of historical city munger and is nestled in middle of orchids and gardens of world famous mangoes and surrounded by scenic hills and green cover. A well-furnished guest house developed within campus for our guest and students parents at reasonable cost. The peaceful atmosphere of the campus belies the varied and vibrant range of activities that complement its academic life.


Government Engineering College Munger is well connected from its ISP (Internet Service Provider) via a leased optical fiber cable carrying a data rate of 100 Mbps from Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited. Internet facility is provided in whole campus, labs and hostels using wired and Wi-Fi techniques. The computer center operates unremitting Wi-Fi Service for students for hassle free
learning experience. It has broadband internet connectivity round the clock.


Government Engineering College, Munger has a very well maintained and and hygienic canteen facility for our students and Faculties. Our canteen provides wholesome and quality food are reasonable price. It has a inventory of attractive and different menu to cater the nutritional needs of the students. Our canteen hols a good ambience and also making some place in the memories of college life. The canteen is open on the working days from 9:00 AM to 7:30 PM. The college management is fully committed to keeping the quality of the canteen for the utmost benefit of all concerned.


Based on the recommendations of the AICTE and the Department of Science and Technology, Bihar, the college intends to build a strong foundation of research, consultancy, and training. Our expertise and innovative technical strategies will help businesses eliminate inefficiencies. create a sustainable competitive advantage over other firms and much more. The Consultancy Cell is
committed to, looking further, and providing unparalleled value for our clients. We ought to promote and provide opportunities, to facilitate collaborations. networking with international universities/institutes/ organizations for promotion. advancement and sharing of academic and research knowledge and activities for the development of mankind.


The Counselling Cell of Government Engineering College, Munger provides personal and vocational guidance to students of all the departments of the College. Besides career-related problems, personal issues are also dealt with. Confidentiality is a legal requirement of counseling and is strictly maintained. Thus the Counselling Cell provides a platform for students to pursue both their professional and personal goals with greater self-awareness, self-esteem, understanding, and focus.

Confidence issues, choosing the right career path, making choices in the various parts of life, self-doubt, peer pressure, and relationship issues are only some of the problems that young people often face.

Choosing the right career path is also, often, a dilemma that students face. The Cell provides vocational guidance to students based on an analysis of their personality, talents, and interest. Insights into suitable work environments are also provided in vocational guidance. For example, a person with a creative personality will succeed as a writer and a person who is an introvert is less likely to succeed in face-to-face sales promotion. If you choose a field that excites you, you will not only enjoy your work but will also excel in your chosen field. Understanding your personality is key to choosing the right career path.



  • The Student’s Grievance Cell of Government desires to promote and maintain a conducive and unprejudiced educational environment. The objectives of the Students Grievance Cell include the following:
  • To support, those students who have been deprived of the services offered by the College, to which he/she is entitled.
  • To make officials of the College responsive, accountable and courteous in dealing with the students.
  • To ensure effective solution to the student’s grievances with an impartial and fair approach.
  • The Cell enables a student to express feelings by initiating and pursuing the grievance procedure in accordance with the rules and regulations of the College. ‘Student’s Grievance Cell’ enquires and analyses the nature and pattern of the grievances in a strictly confidential manner.
  • Emphasis on procedural fairness has been given with a view to “the right to be heard and right to be treated without bias”.
  • During the year no such major grievances were received. Grievances otherwise received were forwarded to the HODs for immediate redressal. In all such cases prompt action were taken and the matter sorted out. In all cases the aggrieved student was informed of the measures taken and checks in the system were introduced to ensure there was no repetition of the same.

Objectives of Students' Grievance Cell

  • To support, those students who have been deprived of the services offered by the college, for which he / she is entitled.
  • To make officials of the college responsive, accountable and courteous in dealing with the students.
  • To ensure effective solutions to the student’s grievances with an impartial and fair approach.
  • Redressal of Students’ Grievances to solve their academic and administrative problems.
  • To co-ordinate between students and Departments / Sections to redress the grievances.
  • To guide ways and means to the students to redress their problems.

Students' Grievance Procedure

The grievance procedure is a machinery to sort out the issues between student and college. It is a means by which a student who believe that, he / she has been treated unfairly with respect to his / her academic/administrative affairs or is convinced to be discriminated against is redressed. It is a device to settle a problem. It enables them to express feelings by initiating and pursuing the grievance procedure in accordance with the rules and regulations of the college. It involves a process of investigation in which the ‘Student’s Grievance Cell’ enquires and analyses the nature and pattern of the grievances in a strictly confidential manner. Matters are disclosed to only those, who have a legitimate role in resolving the matter. Emphasis on procedural fairness has been given with a view to “the right to be heard and right to be treated without bias”. The students ought to lodge their grievances in the prescribed form available with the HOD of the respective department. The form, duly filled, is required to be submitted in the drop box placed outside the principal’s office. The secretary in turn intimates the matter to the committee for

necessary action. Final report based on grievance received and resolved will be submitted to the principal and further course of action will be decided and the same shall be intimated to the students. Exclusions SGC shall not entertain the following issues.

  • Decisions with regard to the award of scholarships/fee concessions / awards /medals.
  • Decisions made by the college under the Discipline Rules and Misconduct.
  • Decisions of the college in admissions of my courses.
  • Decisions of the competent authority on assessment and examination result.
  • During the Year no Such Major Grievances Were Received. Grievances otherwise Received were forwarded to the vice – Principals for Immediate Redressal. In all such cases, prompt action was taken and the matter was sorted out. In all cases the aggrieved was informed of the measures taken and checks in the system were introduced to ensure there was no repetition of the same.


The Startup & Entrepreneurship Development Cell of Government Engineering College Munger, was established with the aim of instilling an entrepreneurial spirit among individuals. With immense enthusiasm, we work towards bringing forward the concealed potential held by today’s youth for the betterment of society. We operate on our goal by bridging the network gap that exists in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. By creating an efficient channel comprising students, entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, venture capital firms, and industry experts, we aspire to break all barriers hindering growth in India’s startup sector. In addition, we strive to create an avenue for students to sharpen their business acumen and skills through competitions and interactive speaker sessions. We seeks to transform how entrepreneurship is perceived in society. We firmly believe that entrepreneurship is the key to fostering innovation in India and promoting the values surrounding entrepreneurship will result in attainment of the full capacity of the youth’s aptitude. We hope to create a future where the youth views entrepreneurs as statues of inspiration and entrepreneurship as a viable career option.


The Government Engineering College Munger,language lab is a cutting-edge facility for teaching students English language reading, writing, and listening skills. In today's world, language labs are a popular and effective tool for language learning.
Language lab is centrally air-conditioned, technologically advanced, and well-equipped to help students improve their communication skills. There are a total of 60 systems, which include 58 student consoles, two teacher consoles, and one projector-connected system. The program used is a licensed version called " Study Language lab" which allows students to listen, practise, study, and develop their English language proficiency at their own pace using the individual system that has been assigned to them.

Because all of the systems are linked to two teacher consoles, students receive individualized attention from the teacher, who monitors their progress. The Language Lab strives to develop strong linguistic skills by emphasizing grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary accuracy.

Students are exposed to a variety of inspiring and motivating speeches by famous people, and they are required to give presentations or write assignments based on what they have learned from these speeches. In the lab, all students have access to English newspapers to help them improve their reading skills and expand their vocabulary. Language lab sessions are extremely beneficial for students in terms of improving their soft skills, which significantly increases their employability. These workshops are especially beneficial for students who wish to continue their education abroad after graduation, as well as those who wish to take standardized examinations such as the IELTS and TOEFL. Language lab exercises help students develop their entire personality and boost their self-confidence while also improving their communication abilities and soft skills.